Rebuilding Zetaman- Step 1:Evaluation

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So, one of my New Year’s resolutions is to re-evaluate what I do and how I make a difference. I’ve had some success and a lot of failures. I believe constructive criticism is a good thing, even though most of it has been given without me asking. A few people do have some valid points, which has inspired me to rebuild my RLSH persona.

In an uber-geeky move, I’ve bought myself “The Batman Handbook” by Scott Beatty. I purchased the “Superman Handbook” by the same author last year and there were a lot of nifty ideas, like fixing household problems or First Aid advice. So I now have the Batman book, as well. I’ve looked it over the book and there are a lot of fictional scenarios. I would certainly not recommend it as a handbook to be a Real Life Superhero. However, I've decided to take the parody handbook and use it as an inspiration to rebuild my Superhero alter ego.

So, without further adieu, it is time to dissect Chapter 1 part 1 of the Batman Handbook which is
“The Basics.”
The section is divided into four points
1. Make a solemn oath.
2. Learn everything you can no matter how obscure.
3. Train your body.
4. Train your instincts.

Part One is the Solemn Oath which seems rather ridiculous. I think a person can be dedicated to doing good at any opportunity, but I don’t think it is realistic to dedicate every waking moment to crime fighting. However, I have created a list of self-evaluating questions a person should ask themselves. I think it pertains to both new people and veterans.

1. Why are you doing this?
2. Why not work as a police officer or a volunteer for a charitable organization?
3. Will you be working legally or illegally?
4. Will you be jeopardizing your family?
5. How much money and time will you be spending?
6. What is your purpose?
7. Re-evaluate why you are doing this.

Here are my answers to those questions. These are the answers that fit me best right now.

Why are you doing this?
I started doing this because I like comics and am artistic. I like doing charities when I can. I like helping others with random acts of kindness. I like exploring the town. I also like gadgets. I believe what I am doing is a form of self-expression. But other people do have their reasons. No dead parents or bites from radioactive spiders.

Why not work as a police officer or a volunteer for a charitable organization?
I have a good job, but it is the night shift. I make decent money and I have good benefits. I work to support my family. My family’s welfare is my top priority. I will not be giving up my job to start at the bottom with less pay somewhere else. It’s not good for my family. Very few places are open for volunteers at 2 or 3 in the morning. That, and I sleep during the day.

Will you be working legally or illegally?
Legally, of course.

Will you be jeopardizing your family?

How much money and time will you be spending?
Whatever funds are free to me and not at the cost to my family. I would be selfish to think my actions do not affect my family. Although I am open to cutting excess spending for charity, I would never skimp on the basics and force financial hardship because of this.

What is your purpose?
People have given me opportunities to do some really awesome things. I’ve done some cool stuff because other people wanted me to help them out. I’ve met and made some great friends and I work at trying to be a good person. This rollercoaster hasn’t stopped and I cannot wait to see what is on the horizon.

There are three other topics in chapter one of the Batman Handbook. Learning and training are directly related to your personal goals you want to accomplish as an RLSH. I think it is important to at least learn a skill in which you can apply to your goals. But I think not having EVERY Batman skill Batman has should deter someone from trying to make a difference. A person should train for what their specific RLSH goals are. I myself am First Aid/CPR certified and am currently enrolled at the Budo Dojo, which teaches Aikido. I was talking to Dark Guardian about it. He recommended I do Jujitsu or Krav Maga. My response was “If I busted someone up, then I would feel obligated to sit there and try to mend that person afterwards.” So I do believe that training and learning should reflect on what your RLSH goals are. Also I am working with Superheroes Anonymous which is slowly turning into a non-profit. I was inspired by the actions of Team Justice and their ability to now help people because they are a non-profit.

So… now that the self evaluation is complete, the next blog will review the second part of  chapter one part two which is “How to make a Batsuit."

Zetaman is a costumed activist located in Portland, Oregon. The views and comments of Zetaman do not reflect on the views of the RLSH community.

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