Rebuidling Zetaman: Step Five- The Zeta Lair

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The Zeta-Lair… basically means my house. I’ve continued my research into the Batman Handbook. There is a section about Batman’s Bat-Cave. I’ve read this section and I thought it was very informative… if you were a billionaire. I am not. I don’t think a lot of RLSH are. However, I do believe that an RLSH should have some corner of the world to call their own (for their alter ego persona). I think it is vital for a RLSH to have their own space simply because a space helps with self motivation. Self-motivation is going to help when things do get boring or slow.

I’ve been doing some reading online about creating a secure space. I’ve read theories on locking mechanisms and how to create false walls for space. There are a plethora of articles on how to make hiding spots, even in apartments. I am not going to say that they are not bad because they do sound like great ideas. I will suggest that perhaps monies spent on keeping your gear locked could be better used in keeping your home secure. I also submit that any self-defense weapons are in a location you know about and can access quickly. I suggest this simply because of home security. You want your items close at hand for home robberies. Sadly it is not glamorous as the comics, but it is practical.

The only RLSH that I know of that has a “themed” storage for his gear is Thanatos. Thanatos keeps all of his gear in a coffin. Talk about inspirational!

I've been fortunate enough to live in a place that I can afford and have some space. I do retain a space where I draw and where I hang up mementos from past adventures or events. For me when I see stuff that I’ve done in the past, it gets me motivated to continue on. I have been very fortunate in being involved with the stuff that I did or took part of.

I do have an extra room. Because I run a locally based team, we need a headquarters. With the technical advances in computers and cell phones, giant computers are not needed. I've decided to invest in a router that can fit up to 4 lines and wirelessly. I’ve also set up a couple of computers as well. I’ve set up a small card table with some chairs for a sort of meeting place. What is missing obviously are more pictures and posts from past events with the Alternates.

But take a look below… Alternates HQ. It where we can meet and plan new things. It’s not fancy and it’s not located miles below the Earth’s surface. But it’s functional and it’s out of the way from the rest of the house. It doesn’t interfere with the function of the rest of the house.

I think it is important that if people do have spare space that space can be used for team organization. I believe that one person cannot change a community without the help of others. The Guardian Angels patrolled in groups rather than individually. RLSH can do the same. Having a dedicated space will help in building teams. It’s a space to hang out and plan. It can be meager or grandiose. It can be big or small. But it’s a headquarters.

Zetaman is a costumed activist located in Portland, Oregon. The views and comments of Zetaman do not reflect on the views of the RLSH community. 

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