March for Babies 2010 recap

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This year’s March for Babies was awesome!

We raised $760 for the March of Dimes! Not only that we had a lot of people walk for our team. First, we have a list of individuals who donated.

Mixsae of Skiffytown

The Blue Blaze


Mr. Ravenblade

The Shisa



Silver Sentinel

Mr. Jack


Those RLSH we owe our thanks to donating. We even had civilians donate this year as well.

Bill Danderand

Brian Whiting

Lisa Hudson

We also had a lot of people walking. I do want to thank Story of http://www.vinylfluidrecords and his family for coming down and walking. Thanks bro for your continued support of the Alternates and RLSH events. Second to Steph and her husband for coming down and walking. And lastly to my brother, his wife and their son Alex for their continued support of us as well. This was one the best March for Babies event ever! Thanks for supporting the Alternates and the March of Dimes as well.

This is a list of services the money will go to.

$35 – Prenatal intervention services for one high-risk pregnant woman

$75 – Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Family Support Services for 1 family

$100 – Smoking cessation services for one pregnant woman

$200 – Gestational diabetes services for one pregnant woman

$275 – One day of research on the causes of preterm birth

$500 – Education for 100 families with fetal alcohol syndrome and the benefits of folic acid

So again, thank you to all who have donated. We will be sending something out soon to you all. This was the first event the Alternates have ever raised its donation goal and it is because of the folks listed above. This walk will be featured in a future episode of Zetaman: Real Life Superhero.

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