Heroic Inspiration

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By William Rail

In elementary school I looked up to the heroic image superheroes stood for. Superheroes like Batman, Superman, and Spider-man always saved the day and never crossed their moral boundaries to do so. I used to wish I could find people like them someday, people that never crossed any moral boundaries for the greater good, who could inspire good just with their presence. Heroes are much more than an image of peace and bravery. They are a symbol hope, an image of justice, and a person we all strive to be.

Heroes like Batman, however, continue to inspire me today. He is the ultimate problem solver, the world's greatest detective, a selfless person, he has a strong sense of duty and justice, he's sympathetic to those in need, he gives hope to people, and he understands life is priceless. All of those traits make one of the greatest heroes ever created and they inspire people to do the right thing. They may fictional but they all have realistic traits that piece their moral and emotional being together, an almost perfect moral structure in the eyes of many.

In reality, there are many heroes that inspire us all: firemen, police officers, emergency medical transponders, and even costumed activists. I find inspiration in my friend, Zetaman. He patrols Portland helping those in need. he organizes charity events that help children and the homeless and has appeared in The Willamette Weekly and on KATU. Zetaman stands for peace, hope, he is very sympathetic to those in need, he completely understands how priceless life is, and believes strongly that in order do be inspiring you must do something extraordinary despite your background history or anything else that may hold you back, Not only is he inspirational, but he is one of my closest friends. I’ve gone with him on a few patrols, I can tell he loves helping people and giving them hope for, at least, the next day. After going with him on patrol understand why it’s important for him to stick out of the crowds, he makes himself the spotlight of hope for those in ned and makes himself the target of criticism so that people may at approach him and find out a little of what he does md why he does it. I think it’s his way of getting others involved and along the way he inspired many others to step forward such as Antiman: who patrols Portland for crime, Dark Guardian who patrols the streets of New York in search of those in need, and Citizen Prime, who patrols Phoenix, Arizona for injustice.

I believe that anyone can inspirational and all it takes is for at least one person to step forward and be the guiding light, whether they be fictional or real. Being hero isn't something that only certain people can be, it's not something we’re born to be but more like something work up to be. Anyone can be a hero, all it takes is a little spark of to do good, a small step up to being the hope people need, being proud of who you are and showing others that you won’t stand down against injustice, and being the person that we can strive to be like or work with.

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