Crime Fighting the Pro Social way

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How to fight crime.

What is important to do when crime fighting is identifying why people commit crimes. I have included a few links to research first.

It takes work and education to fight crime. A person has to be engaged in their community to help fight crime and it takes time.

So then how does one fight crime?  Here is one list I have copied from

Join your neighborhood's watchdog program. These programs make members pledge that they'll keep their neighborhood safe through community education.

Report a crime. If you are a witness to a crime, then it is your responsibility to report it to the right authorities.
Follow the laws and ordinances in your community. Fight crime by setting an example among other community members. Register your car, control your dog, and follow the speed limit posted on your street.

Volunteer to help with crime prevention campaigns. For example, many schools have McGruff the Crime Dog come in to speak to students about the importance of obeying the law.

Carry around a picture or video phone. Surprisingly enough, many criminals have been caught based on evidence gathered by everyday citizens recording the crime on their cell phone.

Remember to not only fight crime in your neighborhood but online as well. If you witness an identity theft crime or cyber harassment, report it to local authorities.

Never fight crime in a way that compromises your personal safety. Use good judgment, and stay out of situations that put you at risk.

Don't take police matters into your own hands while fighting crime. For example, if you know of a registered sex offender in your neighborhood, do not threaten or harass the person.

These are all great reason. But these reasons lack excitement. And it should. Fighting crime is not jumping off of buildings and breaking arms. If a person is looking to fight crime purely because they want to live in a fantasy world of being Batman, they should stop right now. Batman is a fictional character. You will not be breaking into a police station with your ninja skills to interrogate the Joker. You will not contaminate a crime scene for your own personal investigation. You will not be using a grappling hook to swing from rooftop to rooftop.

Crime fighting takes time and work. This is why crime fighting is a paid position. And evidence needs to be collected for prosecution. Criminals do not fear a mask or an urban legend. Criminals have guns which they will shoot with reckless abandonment. Criminals do fear, however, a group or a community. The only true way to fight crime is to get a community involved. When a society wants something done and have the willpower to do so, then it will happen. That is why groups like the Guardian Angels work because it is a group of people who are involved.

A person may still be dead set on patrolling by themselves. This is totally possible; I’ve gone on many patrols myself. I will list how I operate and hope that people will understand that personal responsibility needs to be first.

Patrol a section or neighborhood often. The only way to build a reputation as an effective crime fighter is to pick one section and work hard in that area.

Be sure to have all emergency and non-emergency numbers on hand.

Be wary of over-aggressive tones on your uniform. When I wear my full armor, I do patrols in my car. If I have to do a foot patrol, then I’ll get down to my bulletproof vest (I do have my regular uniform on). My foot patrols last for 2 to 3 hours. They span many blocks. I wear my full armor for my protection. I cannot flip around in it or jump out of trees. I can create a crisis situation simply by standing out in full armor or even a mask. People become uneasy and people will want to pick fights. People will look at your mod of dress and want to pick on the “Superhero”. By dressing in very “loud” superheroic fashion, people know what you are about immediately. A person cannot fight crime if he or she is creating situations where crime can happen. People will want to pick on the superhero. Don’t create that situation.

Save the person. The goal of saving a person is not to fight their attacker but to save the victim first. Get that person out of there. The victim and you can testify which brings in a group of people with cars and weapons… they are called the Police. That is your back up. Save the victim. Do what you can humanly possible without dying yourself.

Despite the armor or whatever you bought yourself, you are not bulletproof. You are not Batman. You cannot take on 10 guys with guns. The odds are against your favor. Even if you are bulletproof you are not trauma proof. Gunshots hurt, even with a bullet proof vest... Any gunshot can kill at point blank range.

The bottom line is that crime fighting is not a justification for being a loner.  A person, as a potential RLSH, needs to learn reality from fiction.

Zetaman is a costumed activist located in Portland, Oregon. The views and comments of Zetaman do not reflect on the views of the RLSH community. 

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